Dim Sum


Serve on Saturday on Sunday Only

D1. Seafood Siew Mai 
Steamed 5.50
Pan Fried 6.00
D2. Shrimp & Pork Siew Mai

Steamed 5.00

Pan Fried 5.50

D3. Shrimp Har Gow 4.75
D4. Pork & Vegetable Gyoza

Steamed 4.75

Pan Fried 5.25

D5. Shrimp & Chives Cake

Steamed 5

Pan Fried 5.5

D6. Seafood Bean Curd Roll

Steamed 5

Pan Fried 5.5

D7. Curry Squid 5
D8. BBQ Pork Steam Bun 5


D9. Grilled Boneless Duck Breast 15
D10. Grilled Spicy Meat Ball On Stick 5
D11. Steamed Snapper with Spicy Lime Sauce 9.5
D12. Steamed Chinese Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce 6.5
D13. Stir Fried Chinese

Broccoli w/ Garlic & Oyster Sauce 7


D14. Stir Fried Flat Rice

Noodle with Chinese Broccoli

Shrimp 14                  Beef 12.5

Chicken 12                 Pork 12.5


D15. Ka Prow Kai Dow

Mince Beef, Pork, or Chicken 15.5


D16. (Pho) Thai Style Beef Noodle Soup 11.5