Sashimi and Nigiri Starters


3 pieces

Escolar (white tuna) , Kani (crab stick), Salmon, or Tako (octopus) | 7

Scallop, Smoke salmon, Tuna, or Yellowtail | 9

NIGIRI SUSHI (2 pieces)

Salmon 4

Smoked salmon 5

Tuna 5 

Eel 6 

Yellowtail 5

Tako (octopus) 5

Escolar (white tuna) 4 

Red tobiko 6

Kani (Crab stick)  4 

Ebi (shrimp) 4

Smelt roe 5

Scallop 5

Baby octopus 5

Black tobiko 6

There may be a risk associated with consuming raw shellfish as is the case with other raw protein products. If you suffer from chronic illness of the liver, stomach or blood or have other immune disorders, you should eat these products fully cooked.